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<==                                                 CONTAINERS                                                     ==> Practical and Decorative Ways of Potting Plants

Many of your favorite plants grow well in containers. Plant Annuals, Biennials, Perennials, Shrubs, Vines, Herbs, Tomatoes and a variety of green and flowering vines to gracefully twine over terrace railings. Potted plants that bring nature inside enhance your home décor.

Terracotta pots have the traditional look of clay, require more frequent watering while plastic retains moisture for longer periods of time.

Drainage is essential. Every container must have adequate drainage holes at bottom. If a ceramic or other decorative material is used, sit a pot with drainage openings inside. For indoor plants a saucer is needed so a plant does not get wet feet. Excess moisture will rot roots.

Size: Choose a tall pot for a plant that will grow tall to accommodate deep roots, a wider shallow pot for smaller varieties. Usual proportions: Plant is one and a half times as high as the pot.

Hanging Plants (indoors only): For hanging plants a clear plastic outer pot with attachments will catch any overflow.

When reusing containers, clean thoroughly before replanting.

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