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<==                               STARTERS - SOURCES FOR PLANTS                                  ==>

In addition to purchasing plants, you can use existing plants (your own, or those of fellow gardeners) to grow new plants via propagations, or grow plants from seeds or from bulbs.


  • Farmers Market
  • Florists
  • Nurseries
  • Plant Stores

New Plants from Old - stem and leaf cuttings. You can split pot-bound plants, put cut stems first in water to root and then in soil (philodendron); put cut leaf stems first in water or wet soil (begonia, jade plant, African violets). See Propagation Fact Sheet for details.

A Miniature Greenhouse - Cuttings in a container covered with plastic will root and develop into plants for home and terrace.

Bulbs - Tuck them into soil in the Fall for Spring blooms, in Spring for Summer flowers. Early bloomers come in many varieties and supply cutflowers for decorative vases.

Homemade - A new life for Avocado, Onions, Potatoes.

Seeds - Start from scratch: Vines, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and heirloom plants. Growing from seed takes time and space; but it can be satisfying to see your start-from-scratch garden grow. Sometimes the only way to own a rare plant is to acquire the seed. Moisten seeds, plant in healthy soil a few inches deep. Thin out first sprouts after leaves appear. Repot in small containers when several leaves have appeared.

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