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<==                                WINTERIZING (OVERWINTERING)                               ==> Survival Tips for Winter - Zone 5-7

The weather not the calendar determines when to winterize the outdoor perennials. When the temperature drops below freezing, take steps to shelter them. Your plants need to be hardy and well protected to survive wind and cold.

Moving plant containers back against the wall clustered together for protection against strong winds. Cover up with mulch and compost to provide insulation.. Containers placed inside larger pots provide extra protection. Stop watering and cover up with mulch at the first freeze.

Wrap plants in burlap or other non-plastic materials and pots in layers of bubble wrap. Water requirements are minimal in dormant growing periods. Clean and store empty pots. Terracotta pots should be upside down or on their sides in a dry place so they do not crack or shatter in freezing temperatures. Clear all snow and ice from plants before Spring Planting season.

Tropical and flowering plants that do not have a dormant period winter best inside and often bloom in dead of winter.

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