- Links for Kids

Interesting and fun sites for children.

EPA Environmental Kids Club Drinking water experiments, activities, games, and resources for kids and teachers from the US EPA Office of Water Quality.

EPA Student Center Provides environmental basics, club projects, careers, internships, youth awards, fun activities and information on ecosystems, air, and more.

PBS EekoWorld Invites children to explore, experiment, and collaborate as they learn about conservation, the environment and the important role they play.

NRDC Green Squad Four environmentally conscious students known as the "Green Squad," show how to identify and solve environmental problems.

National Geographic Kids Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links.

Custom Boxes Now - recyle those boxes pages aimed at kids: Games and Activities, Learn Fun Facts, etc.

The Water Page Tips for kids on water conservation.

RecycleWorks Kids San Mateo, CA resource page for kids.

Polymer-Search Links to science project ideas.

Energy Kids U.S. Energy Administration's resource page for kids.