What’s Going On Around Here?
Give and Take: Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Neighborhood Matters: Live locally!
Where’ve We Been All These Years?
Go Green!
Gardening Inside and Out
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  • What’s Going On Around Here?- Add these events to your calendar. Check back often for local meetings that matter and all kinds of community happenings. e.g. see flyer for                      GARDEN PARTY - PLANT EXCHANGE                Sunday, September 24, 2017, 1-4pm
  • Give and Take: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Check out our Resident Resources Directory when you need a helping hand, or to share your skills with a neighbor who’d appreciate assistance.
  • Neighborhood Matters Live locally! Find links to services and organizations that benefit all of us.
  • Where’ve We Been All These Years? The Park West Neighborhood History Group turns back time on our fascinating local past – and the people, places and events that formed it.
  • Go Green! Let’s leave smaller carbon footprints…in our homes and in our lives. Tips and info on lessening our impact upon where we live – and beyond.
  • Gardening Inside and Out Got a green thumb or want to grow one? Here’s how to make your terrace a living sanctuary, or bring nature indoors with houseplants.

This website is a one-stop place for Park West Village residents to gain easy access to the resources they need for daily life and coping with special circumstances. It is a repository of information and links-of-value to make life comfortable, safer and better in many ways. This is an activity of the Park West Community Network. a self directed enterprise building on the neighborly connections that already exist in our multi-generational environment. The PWCN has been organized to provide opportunities for residents to learn of benefits and services available and to join those with like interests in clubs, groups, and cultural activities. Please send on your suggestions.

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The Bulletin section is updated regularly as events change. Other sections updated as content is developed. We appreciate your comments and suggestions; E-Mail us: info@parkwestcommunitynetwork.org.