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Resident Resources Directory

The Resident Resources Directory, specific to each building, lists services and the volunteers who have offered to provide them from time to time. Some examples:

  • water plants
  • pick up mail
  • be available for a delivery while you are away

To see the list of services, select your building: 372, 382, 392, 400, 784, 788, 792.

The Resident Resources Directories for 372, 392 and 400 CPW are available at the front desk of those buildings. The Directories for 784, 788 and 792 Columbus Avenue are available in the lobby of those buildings (they are in a locked cabinet, which the front lobby key will open). The Directory for 382 CPW has been completed, its location will be announced as soon as possible

Each page of the Directory notes a particular service and list those neighbors who have volunteered to help when available. The Directory also includes the information about Community Resources which is also available in the Community Resources section of this web-site.

To volunteer to help, fill out the Volunteer Form in your building's Resident Resources Directory.

To request help, consult your building's Resident Resources Directory, and contact the volunteer directly.

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We will update this page as we get information about the Directories available for each of the buildings.