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About Us

About Us - Learn who we are and how you can join

If you live in any of the Park West Village buildings, orignal or new, as an owner or a renter, you are already a member of the Park West Community Network. PWCN is a self directed enterprise organized to foster the neighborly connections that already exist in our diverse multi-generational environment. We gather and share information on access to benefits and services. We provide opportunities to those with like interests to come together in groups, for cultural activities, and projects of all kinds. We welcome your participation and your suggestions.

This website is a one-stop place for Park West Village residents to gain easy access to the resources they need for daily life and for coping with special circumstances. It is a repository of information and links-of-value to make life comfortable, safer and better in many ways. It is a guide to the projects we have sponsored and will sponsor. It is an activity of the Park West Community Network.

How can you participate?

Attend our events, join a committee, suggest projects or programs. Exercise your leadership talents and help us become more effective. Contact us today or at your convenience.

Contact Us

Please check back. We appreciate your comments and suggestions; E-Mail us: info@parkwestcommunitynetwork.org.