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Community Resources for Seniors - Legal Services

 BLS Legal Services Corp.
   Senior Citizen Law Office
   1 Boerum Place, 3rd floor
   Brooklyn, NY 11201

 Legal Services for the Elderly
   130 W. 42nd Street  14th floor
   New York, NY  10036-7803 

 Volunteers of Legal Service
   54 Greene Street
   New York, NY  10023
   Email:  info@volsproboNo.org

Catchment area is Manhattan, must call for appointment.

Provides legal counsel for tenant/landlord matters as well
as state/federal entitlement and benefit disputes;  will
provide direct legal representation in courts and 
administrative agencies.

Legal services for low income older persons including
landlord/tenant,estate, medicare/Medicaid disputes

Provides free legal services for low income older adults
by matching volunteer lawyers with clients.  Cases include
wills,health care proxies, powers of attorney, non-emergency
housing matters (repairs, succession rights), consumer 
issues, Medicare/Medicaid and pension matters.
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Content is as of May 2008. Page will be updated as work continues.