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<==                                       PRUNING AND GROOMING                                        ==>

Deadheading and Pruning encourage growth and flowering, keeping shrubs and climbers thriving for a long time. Pinch back leaves to keep plants compact and to encourage new growth. Prune shrubs and trees to keep them bushy and compact, and to encourage new growth.

Deadheading and Grooming:

Pinching off fading or dead flowers and leaves keeps plants at their best. Getting rid of plant debris leaves more room for the new growth. Pinching prevents waste of energies and untimely seeding order that buds and blossoms regenerate quickly during the growing season. (Keep dead leaves and and other debris off the soil as bugs and fungus can lurk there).

Turning pots regularly avoids uneven growth

Clean leaves by dusting, wiping with a wet sponge, or spraying. If especially dirty (and depending on the size of the plant), put it in the shower, holding the plant sideways.


Many shrubs and climbers need occasional pruning for maintenance and endurance. Cut away dead and overhanging branches. Don't let vines entangle other plants. Cut back leggy plants that don't belong in a display. Growing patterns can be controlled with judicious pruning. Reduce height for a bushier growing pattern. Pruning keeps plants shapely and encourages flowering plants to blossom. More intensive pruning is needed when moving plants from a larger to a smaller container. Prune no more than one third of a plant. 


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