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<==                                                     WATERING                                                    ==>

When and How much - Over-watering is not good for plants. Use the finger test as a guide and a watering schedule to meet the needs of different plants. Larger plants should not be watered frequently but left to dry out. Only very small plants can be watered every few days. Cacti and succulents need less frequent watering while tropical plants tend to need more attention. Note however:

  • For Houseplants, water and mist more when the heat comes on in winter.
  • Outdoors, when the temperature soars over 90 forget all the rules and water everything on your terrace EVERY DAY.

Give the plant just enough water to seep into the soil before overlowing into saucer.

How - Use a watering can with a long spout so you can water the soil, not the leaves.

Fill can with water after watering and let it stand so chemicals can evaporate and temperature equals room temperature; it will be ready for your next watering.

Use a saucer to avoid standing water; more plants killed by over watering; if using a cache pot, water in sink, let excess run off, then put back in container. Plants don’t like to have their feet wet for long! Note, for large, heavy plants, try saucers on wheels.

With each watering, give the pot a ¼ turn to promote even growth.

Misting, pebble tray - used to create humidity around the plants (information to be added)

Watering House Plants - Beware of wet feet. Put pebbles in saucers. Root rot results when plants sit too long in water. Place a dish with water near indoor plants that need a humid environment. When plants are wintering or permanently indoors and too heavy to lift, a dolly with castors so excess water can be mopped and avoid damage to floors is a practical solution. On terraces, puddles dry quickly in sun.

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We will update this section as information is developed. If you would like to participate in a Gardening committee, or if you would like to pass along information, please contact us.